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girl playing violin

girl playing violin

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Did you know that violin is the instrument, which can be studied at the youngest age?
Students using the Suzuki method start as young as 4 years old. Violin is also the best instrument for students to learn pitch since violin is a fretless instrument.

Our approach to violin instruction consists of the mixture of two methods: traditional and Suzuki. The Suzuki method is based on playing by ear and imitating what the teacher presents during the lesson (some call it rote teaching).

Our violin instructor uses the Suzuki method with the younger group of students, ages 4 thorough 7.
This creates a relaxed and playful atmosphere. 

The traditional method focuses on developing strong reading skills, and works best with students ages 7 and older.

Violin instruction is also an excellent foundation for the study of other instruments in the future.   No matter the age, whether young or old, the violin is a great instrument to begin or continue one’s music education.