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Bring Your Lesson Home With You?



 One of the unique features of our Drum Program is that many of our Lessons are on DVD which allows the student to watch and hear the teacher go over the lesson during the week. This allows the student to acquire a better understanding of his/her lesson compared with other Drum Programs, and it is offered at no extra cost to the student.

Teaching Philosophy



 Our Drum Lessons are designed not to push a student toward any particular style of music, but rather to build a strong foundation allowing the student to be

able to adapt to any style of music he or she wants to perform.


Lesson Material May Include:
 Beginner Students 
 *Reading  Music
Basic Drum Patterns
Intermediate Students
 *Reading Music
Playing Songs
Chart Reading
Advanced Students
 *Reading Music
Styles-Jazz/Latin/Fusion, etc...
Odd Times
Player Focus-We will study a particular players drumming -
Neil Peart, John Bonham, Dave Weckl, etc...
*Reading Music is incorporated at all skill levels.
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